Benefits of Applying Multani Mitti Soap

This is Natural clay Which is available in the form of Rocks and that’s Original Mitti. The Benefit of applying Multani mitti soap is priceless because apply and staying in parlor and house appears accord.   This Multani mitti is used before  the invention of soaps. peoples use to these types of clayes for bathing and also used chickpea flour powder or they use Ubtan powder which is a mixture of many Natural Ingredients like Sandal powder, rose powder & mulethi etc. This Mitti is used as Face mask & Face pack to glow skin Naturally. This  Multani Mitti Reduces the excess oil present on the Skin and maintains skin moisturizer this will help in stopping pimples.

The Mitti is good for reducing pimple spots and the Multani mitt soap helps gives a glow to the skin. The benefits of Multani mitti soap  give a great feel and gives a fresh feel and gives smoothness to skin.Benefits of Applying Multani Mitti Soap

Benefits of Multani mitti Soap

  • Helps in cleaning blocked pores and also Tighten them
  • Prevent from Acne/Pimples
  • Removes whiteheads and blackheads
  • Gives skin nourish and glow
  • This will reduce excess oil from skin
  • Good for oily skin users
  • Gives tighten to the skin
  • Give skin clean from deeply
  • Reduce black spots of pimples
  • Gives freshness
  • Gives Healthy skinhow to use multani mitti face pack

How to Use Multani Mitti Face Pack

  • Take 2 to 3 tea poon of Pure Natural Micro Grinded  Multani mitti powder.
  • Add  Milk of 2 tea spoon and add Honey 1 tea spoon. For better results add Tea tree oil for more excellent results.
  • For extreme dry skin use Rose water. and mix apply on face.
  • leave it for 30 to 1 hour. and use  warm water
  • The process of  washing is not to apply water
  • The best way is to scrub your face with little water in hand and circulate the hands this will remove the dirt from your face and dead skin cells.
  • This process will give your skin fareness and removes black heads and white heads.
  • wash your face and gives

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