keeps blood pressure Normal it also assists in control of bad cholosterol levels.

relieves muscle pained,having effects that can help with variety of is well know for its joints discomfort by lubricating the joints.

improves memory power kalonji with mint leaves are recommended by ayurveda for memory improvement.the oil which is present in kalonji seed is linked to improve memory power

good for heart health,Nigella seeds helps in lowering bad cholostrol level in the body and contributes to a healthy heart

improves oral health, kalonji is excellent tooth pain remover. it is beneficial to improve general oral health weak gums and bleeding gums

studies show that kalonji  aid in weight loss when taken along with warm water

clinically studies shows preventive and therapeutic effects of nigella sativa and its main constituent thymoquinone on various gastrointestinal disorder.

The benefits of kalonji is use as a spice and in herbla mediciens. ayuvreda talks more about kalonji for it's ability to treate various types of ailments. 

helps to reduce headaches, a few drops of kalonji oil applied to the temples will b helpful to relax and erase a bad headache.

benefits of oil is also good for skin.

kalonji oil reduces spots of pimples