Aloe vera,Goat milk,Activated charcoal (100gms)


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  • Goat milk has vitamins C, calcium & Magnesium. which gives big skin issues away
  • Activated charcoal can remove blackhead & whiteheads
  • “detox” & “purify” skin when used as a soap or facial cleanser
  • Remove a dirt from skin and reduce pore size & helps cleanup acne with dirt impurities
  • Aloe vera is effective in treating fungal and bacterial infections
  • It has a cooling effect on rashes or sunburns

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As we know all  know the advantages of aloe Vera, goat milk and activated charcoal ,this three mix of cleanser are a lot of great for skin gainful, unique goat milk this has an especially helps on skin. as aloe vera is additionally great for skin issues like rashes, dry skin issues and a lot more advantages. what’s more, another advantageous fixing is Actuated charcoal it’s something astounding on the grounds that this thing eliminates pimples white heads and  black heads contaminated skin dead skin and dull skin. gives newness after a dependable and gives you joyable while apply


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